About Abhyudaya

Welcome to Abhyudaya High School. If you are an involved parent in your child’s education and are invested in his/her future, you have come to the right place.

At Abhyudaya, we have a simple philosophy: From a tiny acorn to a mighty oak. Our programmes start from pre-school (age 2.5) and continue to high school. When you place your toddlers in our care we ensure that they leave as competent, confident young adults, ready to excel in the fields they choose.

Our mission is the cornerstone of Abhyudaya

Our institution and our educators are guided by its 3 core principles:
  • Instilling in our charges a quest for knowledge and life-long learning in a nurturing, yet challenging learning environment.
  • Producing well-adjusted and well-rounded young adults who are competent, compassionate, motivated and capable of meeting the challenges of the modern world - academic or social – with ease and confidence.
  • Inspiring our learners to set goals and to pursue their dreams in an environment that rewards individuality and creativity. We also encourage them to “Push the Envelope” and extend the self-imposed boundaries of their young minds so that they may glimpse the horizon of limitless possibilities.

Why Abhyudaya?

We are a one-stop institute that caters to toddlers until they are teenagers while simultaneously covering the entire gamut of schooling. If you have more than one child, you enjoy a double bonus of saving time and money by having them all in one place and the reassurance that the older ones can check on the younger ones.

Abhyudaya is a community rather than a conventional school. When your child/children start with us from pre-school they develop confidence and self-assurance – the result of bonding with our caring and professional staff over the years. They also develop a sense of security unencumbered by the need to adjust to a new environment and new people. This in turn fosters strong inter-personal skills enabling them to communicate with ease and respect with both young and old.

Our curriculum is aimed at the holistic development of your child; ensuring that we do not churn out certificated young adults, but produce competent, caring citizens who can contribute meaningfully to the society.

At Abhyudaya our motto is simple: “teach to the individual not to the curriculum.”

Our teaching staff is committed and dedicated and regularly undergoes continuous professional development in order to hone their teaching skills and methods and keep a breast of global trends in education.

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