Abhyudaya High School the brainchild of Smt. Swaranalata Batchu, was established in 1980. It epitomises its slogan: from a tiny acorn to a mighty oak. Standing tall and proud for 37 years, like the proverbial oak, it has weathered the storms of change and competition and continues to thrive. This stability and strength is what sets us apart from our competitors and is the firm foundation on which Abhyudaya High School is based. This stability is also what imbues our learners with the confidence to seek and find knowledge, and to develop their innate talents in a secure environment that caters to their individual needs.

Abhyudaya is a private, family-owned and operated school in New Bakaram, Gandhi Nagar, Hyderabad It is an English-medium, co-educational school that caters to all grades from pre-primary to high school. Our classes are small to ensure that our teachers recognise the different learning abilities of our learners and cater to their individual learning styles. While our curriculum is in line with national standards, we at Abhyudaya do NOT believe in a “once size fits all” approach when it comes to educating our children.

What makes ABHYUDAYA HIGH SCHOOL unique is that it was founded to fulfil a dire need in the community, rather than as a commercial venture. This means that neither your child nor his/her education is commoditized. As a mother herself, Smt. Swaranalata believed that no parent can put a price tag on their child’s safety and education. She correctly identified the necessity for a safe haven where working families could leave their toddlers and growing children each morning, with complete peace of mind. This seed took root in her mind and the result was Abhyudaya High School. What made Smt. Swaranalata a visionary was her desire to transcend the notion of a mere crèche by combining it with education.

Indian parents the world over are renowned for their belief in education as the key to unlocking their childrens’ future. Understanding this, Smt. Swaranalata was inspired to assume the dual responsibility of caring for young children while their parents were at work, and shaping their young minds; using education as a tool to empower not just a community but the nation at large.

The unstinting support provided by the late Sri B.V. Ramana Rao, her husband turned this into a family enterprise. Today the school still stands tall as an edifice of progressive thinking, gender equity, selflessness and co-operation – values that are instilled in the young minds that pass through its doors.

In Sanskrit “abhyudaya” translates to “a path towards progress”. Abhyudaya’s alumni, its students and its teachers bear testimony to the aptness of its name.

Currently, ABHYUDAYA HIGH SCHOOL is recognized by the government of the state of Telangana.

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