Late Sri. B.V. Ramana Rao (B. Com; B.L; B. Ed) was an impressive man who worked tirelessly to help fulfil the dream of his spouse. Despite being employed full-time at Premier Tyres Pvt Ltd as a District Manager, he continued to assist Smt. Swaranalata in realising her dream.

In 1985 he quit his job and took over the administration of Abhyudaya to ensure that his wife’s passion was a resounding success. A natural leader and a man of action rather than words, he worked tirelessly with dedication and passion to ensure the smooth running of the school. His sincerity and candour endeared him to the staff and students alike and under his able guidance and administrative prowess the school has grown from strength to strength, garnering many accolades over the years.

Sri. B.V. Ramana Rao was a rare individual who actively practiced what he preached; ensuring that he became a worthy role-model to all who interacted with him. He was a strict disciplinarian who motivated students to lead disciplined lives to ensure success. He constantly impressed upon students that there was no substitute for hard work if, they were intent on pursuing their goals. He was also an active proponent of values-based education and espoused the views of the great Mahatma: “Education which does not mould character is absolutely worthless.”

The greatest accolade was the honour of being judged “one of the best schools in Hyderabad”. This recognition, bestowed by none other than, His Excellency, Sri. Krishnakant, the then Governor, is a testimony to B.V. Ramana Rao’s legendary leadership and managerial skills.

Smt. Swarnalata Rao (M.A, M.Ed) has been the principal of Abhyudaya High School since its inception till recently.. A brilliant scholar herself with a double Masters in English (Osmania University) and Education (Annamalar University); it was inevitable that she would gravitate to her passion; using her acquired knowledge and skills to benefit others. She has found her niche in Abhyudaya; sharing her love of learning to equip young minds to face the challenges of society and instilling values through education to improve society.

Tackling the mammoth undertaking of opening a school that catered to a very broad age range - pre-primary to high school - requires nerves of steel, an indomitable spirit, great sacrifice, total commitment and dedication. It also demands tact and diplomacy to handle students, staff and parents with patience and understanding.

In Smt. Swarnalata’s favour was the unstinting support of her husband and the dedicated staff that she has accrued over the years to assist her. This has ensured the continued success of her pet project.

Her personal creed is what drives her: “Every child is a precious gem and within every child lies a precious gem waiting to be discovered, Chiselled into shape and polished so that its beauty can shine through and radiate its glow and sparkle to the world.” The task of Chiselled and polishing is what she assigns to herself and her staff. This they do painstakingly and with pride, to ensure that the students that pass through the portals of Abhyudaya take up their places in society as worthy, contributing members, ready and able to serve our nation.

After 37 years at the helm Smt. Swarnalata’s passion continues undiminished, and she soldiers on in accordance with Swami Vivekananda’s entreaty: “Arise, awake and stop not till the goal is reached”.

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