The trunk represents our academic foundation: the core and basis of our teaching and learning programme. Abhyudaya High School’s offering to every learner is the highest calibre academic foundation: Quality Education.

While we adhere to the national curriculum, every effort is made to incorporate additional information gleaned from a broader educational spectrum, to foster a world-class curriculum. This can be attested to by the number of our alumni that are making their mark abroad.

Although we are a mainstream rather than a remedial school, where necessary, remediation is offered to children with learning disabilities. We “teach to the individual not to the curriculum” Although the academic syllabus is given due importance, it is not the sole focus of ABHYUDAYA HIGH SCHOOL. Sport, music, art and other extra-curricular activities like public speaking and debating are accorded equal importance so that our graduates are articulate, creative and active: well-equipped to handle the stresses of life outside ABHYUDAYA HIGH SCHOOL. Our focus is on the holistic development of the child.

Our curriculum is underpinned by a values-based education that seeks to provide social capacity to our learners. Our goal is to equip our learners with social and relationship skills, cognitive, emotional and spiritual intelligences and attitudes that enable them to succeed at school and beyond throughout their lives.

Education for life is our creed.
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