At ABHYUDAYA HIGH SCHOOL we have an ethos of child-centred that promotes self-discovery and self-discipline. This approach ensures that learners discover and realise their own potential under the stimulating and encouraging tutelage of their teachers. Every student is acknowledged and offered the opportunity to excel.

This ethos is supported by our small class sizes that enable individualised attention. This also ensures a close interaction between teachers and learners and between peers. The small class groups enable teachers to identify the particular learning styles of the different learners in their class to ensure that transfer of knowledge is efficient and enjoyable. It is also conducive to early detection of learning challenges; facilitating quick, professional solutions. The expertise, commitment and innovative methodologies of our teaching staff also contribute to this ethos.

Our teachers reflect the values that they want our learners to espouse. All learners are treated with dignity and respect. Individuality, problem-solving and freedom of expression are encouraged to promote self-assurance, independent thinking, confidence in a stimulating learning environment where fear of failure is actively discouraged. Our school system adapts to the needs of the child by ensuring that every child finds acceptance and value within our walls; laying the foundation for self-worth and self-esteem.

At ABHYUDAYA HIGH SCHOOL we strive to implement a school policy that is cognisant of each child’s needs, dignity and rights. Respect is earned not demanded and our children are taught that integrity, transparency, fairness and consistency are core values underscoring respect.

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