At ABHYUDAYA HIGH SCHOOL we do not prepare our learners for examinations; we prepare them for life. Academic achievement is still our goal, but rote learning is actively discouraged. Instead emphasis is placed on the application and development of knowledge. Thus, when our learners enter tertiary institutes or the workforce they do so on their own terms. They are able to face challenges, to participate meaningfully and respectfully, to think logically and independently and to question critically.

Our goal is to produce reflective learners who grasp the link between freedom and responsibility. To this end our learners are consistently exposed to problem solving and higher order thinking to ensure that they are able to function effectively in the “real” world.

At ABHYUDAYA HIGH SCHOOL we believe in redefining education to make it more purposeful. Our graduates are not churned out as mere symbols of our academic prowess, but are useful, law-abiding citizens that add value to their communities and benefit our nation. As future leaders, our learners are trained from a very young age to assume leadership of self by encouraging independence, reflection and self-awareness. As they grow they are exposed to the concept of servant leadership so that they may develop a sense of social awareness, selflessness and empathy in order to become less ego-centred.

Diversity is embraced at our school and gender roles are flexible to ensure respect, tolerance and an open mind free of prejudice and bigotry. Contentious social issues are addressed in debates and classroom discussions so that learners are aware of different perspectives. In this way, as future leaders they can actively champion and promote change, instead of perpetuating negative behavioural patterns that do not serve the higher good.

Our goal is to shape minds and prime future leaders.
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